Update: We are currently responding to a surge in beef/brisket prices in the market. we are so sorry to have to do this but we must respond to the market.

surcharges are as follows:

3oz of brisket on dishes +$2.20

5oz of brisket on dishes +$3.25

8oz of brisket on dishes +$4.50

16oz of brisket on dishes +$8.00


We at Jones Bar B Que cook in the truest southern form by using a stick burner smoker that we built ourselves.  We use 100% southern techniques learned in the smokehouses of Texas.  By utilizing local woods such as oak and maple in place of post oak and pecan, we have transported traditional Texan barbecue to Vancouver Island.  After serving our first plate of barbecue in 2016, Jones Bar B Que continues to perfect its craft and share it with you.  We cook daily and serve our sliced meats until we are sold out.  This, is our commitment to you that you will never be served “leftovers”! Come, be our guest and enjoy our barbecue! – Chris Jones, Jones Bar B Que